Affective Landscapes and Nostalgia: Revolución y Desilusión

The following lecture was given as part of the colloquium “Addressing the Past: Memory and the Revolution Cuban in 21st Century Cuban Film and Media“, on April 8, 2022.

Ana M. López is Professor of Communication and Director of the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute at Tulane University. She also serves as Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. Her research is focused on Latin American and Latino film and cultural studies. She is co-editor (with Marvin DLugo and Laura Podalsky) of The Routledge Companion to Latin American Cinema (2017) and the editor in chief of the Intellect journal Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas. She has published more than three dozen essays and book chapters, addressing topics that range from melodrama and performance in the Golden Age Cinemas of Latin America, early silent cinema and modernity, and documentary to telenovelas, Cuban American media and intermediality.


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