This is a magazine without a country. Its publishers believe that every genuine editorial project aspires to and, in fact, contributes to founding of the real: to braid and unbraid in order to re-braid, over and over, those anarchic, misleading winds that history enthusiasts usually line up with one stroke of the pen: Past-Present-Future. Every country will marginally become another if a free and honest magazine is born from it, but, at the same time, There is No Such Country… It will have to be recreated in each issue.

No Country Magazine is rigorously utopian and, of course, quite the opposite. There is an island behind it, but that island is just a coincidence and a starting point to discuss the world at large. The journalistic representation and intellectual reflection on various topics of Latin America and the Hispanic sphere constitute here the staples to transcend those limits and access new spaces for deliberation and critical debate.

No Country Magazine is conceived with a multidisciplinary approach, and it talks in English with its readers around the world. Translation is not only a framework for dialogue; it is a creed that offers a glimpse into broader, richer forms of humanity.

No Country Magazine is managed collaboratively by the editorial staffs of independent magazines Rialta and El Estornudo.

Chief Editors

Carlos Aníbal Alonso

Carlos Manuel Álvarez

Deputy Editors

Beatriz Martínez Abreu

Roberto Rodríguez Reyes

Ibrahim Hernández Oramas

Jesús Adonis Martínez

Nils Longueira Borrego


Fiona Baler

Editorial Advisory Board

Rafael Rojas, El Colegio de México

Moira Fradinger, Yale University

Roberto Brodsky, Brooklyn College CUNY

Velia Cecilia Bobes, FLACSO

Julio Ramos, University of California at Berkeley

Laura Demaría, University of Maryland