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Ángel Pérez (b. San Germán, Holguín, Cuba, 1991). He has a degree in Art History. His articles and essays are published in books, anthologies, and both national and international magazines. Together with Javier L. Mora, he compiled and prefaced the volume Long Playing Poetry. Cuba: Generación Años Cero (Casa Vacía Publishing House. Richmond, Virginia, 2017), and with Jamila Medina the anthology Passport. Cuba: Poetry of the Zero Years (Catafixia Publisher, Guatemala, 2019). He is the recipient of the Caracol Prize for film criticism and essays granted by the UNEAC (2017 and 2019), the International Essay Prize from the magazine Temas (2019), as well as the Dador Creative Scholarship (2018), and the Pinos Nuevos Essay Prize (2020), both awarded by the Cuban Book Institute. He is the planner of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, and a member of the Rialta staff.

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Sex and culture: three recent audiovisuals to think about what’s going on in Cuba

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