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Claudia González Machado. Graduated in Art History at the University of Havana. Author of El riesgo de la herejía. Cartografía de la crítica en la Revista Cine Cubano [The risk of heresy. Cartography of criticism in the Cine Cubano Magazine]. Co-author of the books Servando Cabrera Moreno: el abrazo de los sentidos [Servando Cabrera Moreno: The Embrace of the Senses] and Epifanías del cuerpo [Epiphanies of the body]. She has curated several exhibitions and given talks and workshops on visual arts, film criticism, sustainability, recycling, urban agriculture, women's empowerment, etc. Her texts appear in several Cuban and foreign publications.

Cinema is like a train. Interview with Juan Carlos Tabío

I met Juan Carlos Tabío on March 4, 2014, when I was working on a text about...