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María de Lourdes Mariño Fernández (b. Camagüey, 1984). Curator, researcher, and art critic. She has a Master Degree in Public Administration at the University of Delaware (2018) and a Bachelor in Art History (2007) at the University of Havana. Since 2010, she has carried out or participated in several curatorial projects linked to the reconstruction of the historical memory of abandoned spaces in the city of Havana. She has recently organized artistic presentations at the University of New Mexico, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Delaware, among other cultural centers in the United States. She works as art critic for national and international publications. She is currently researching the configuration of Cuban cultural memory through the visual arts.

They are dying in Cuba, and yes, this is about systemic racism too

Movimiento San Isidro aims at the heart of whatever is left of the Cuban Revolution, and it...