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María Isabel Alfonso. BA in Literature from the University of Havana and PhD in Romance Languages from the University of Miami. In her research, she analyzes the cultural dynamics and policies of the 1960s in Cuba. Her book Ediciones El Puente and the Gaps in the Cuban Literary Canon (Universidad de Veracruz, 2016) explores the topic of El Puente, a publishing house that existed autonomously during the first years of the Revolution (1961–1965). Alfonso has published on Cuban civil society, a topic she addresses in her documentary Rethinking Cuban Civil Society (Icarus Films, 2019). She is a Professor of Latin American/Caribbean Literature and the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages ​​at St. Joseph's University in New York.

A New Field of Afro-Latin American Studies. Interview with Alejandro de la Fuente

The Ford Foundation has granted $1.7 million to Harvard’s Afro-Latin American Research Institute (ALARI), a center directed...