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Alan West-Durán (Havana, 1953). Poet, essayist, translator and critic. He has published the poetry collections Dar nombres a la lluvia (1994) and El tejido de Asterión (2000). Of literary-cultural criticism he has published Tropics of History: Cuba Imagined (1997) and Cuba A Cultural History (2017). He has been editor-in-chief of African-Caribbeans: A Reference Guide (2003), Latino and Latina Writers (2004) and Cuba: A Reference Guide (2011). He has translated Rosario Ferré, Alejo Carpentier, Luisa Capetillo, Nancy Morejón, and Nelly Richard. He is a professor at Northeastern University (Boston).

Aruán Ortiz Wins Guggenheim Award for Musical Composition

Aruán Ortiz, born in Santiago de Cuba in 1973, is the recipient of the Guggenheim Award in...

Tania León

Pianist, composer, conductor, contemporary music promoter and cultural ambassador, Tania León radiates Cuban character, charisma and creativity....