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Alan West-Durán (Havana, 1953). Poet, essayist, translator and critic. He has published the poetry collections Dar nombres a la lluvia (1994) and El tejido de Asterión (2000). Of literary-cultural criticism he has published Tropics of History: Cuba Imagined (1997) and Cuba A Cultural History (2017). He has been editor-in-chief of African-Caribbeans: A Reference Guide (2003), Latino and Latina Writers (2004) and Cuba: A Reference Guide (2011). He has translated Rosario Ferré, Alejo Carpentier, Luisa Capetillo, Nancy Morejón, and Nelly Richard. He is a professor at Northeastern University (Boston).

Tania León

Pianist, composer, conductor, contemporary music promoter and cultural ambassador, Tania León radiates Cuban character, charisma and creativity....