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Antonio Cajero Vázquez: Mexican researcher, professor and academic. He holds a degree in Latin American Letters from the UAEM and a PhD in Hispanic Literature from El Colegio de México. He is the author of critical editions of Desvelo / Línea (2018) and Perseo vencido (2010), by Gilberto Owen, and El luto humano (2014), by José Revueltas. A specialist in the work of Jorge Luis Borges, he authored the volumes El texto y sus contextos: Borges recicla a Borges (2017) and Palimpsestos del joven Borges. Writings and rewritings of Fervor de Buenos Aires (1923) (2013). He is a professor in the Literary Studies Program at El Colegio de San Luis.

David’s Orchard

I would have liked to say the anthology or the florilegium of David Huerta; however, the multifaceted...