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Mario R. Cancel Sepúlveda (Hormigueros, Puerto Rico, 1960). He is Professor of History at the University Campus of Mayagüez, a system in which he has worked since 1994. He was a professor at the Graduate School Literary Creation specializing in Narrative at Sacred Heart University (2005-2014) and of Puerto Rican Studies and Puerto Rican History at the Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in San Juan (2014-2019).  He has published books on history, biography and literary and historiographical criticism on various aspects of Puerto Rico in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries; and creative literature in the genres of poetry and short narrative, as well as numerous texts in the digital space. His most recent publication is El laberinto de los indóciles. Estudios sobre historiografía puertorriqueña del siglo XIX.

The Representation of Extreme Violence: Glosses to the Last Book by Carlos Pabón Ortega

The theme of Historia, memoria y ficción. Debates sobre la representación de la violencia extrema (Ediciones Laberinto,...