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Nanne Timmer (La Haya, 1971). Poet, essayist and researcher. She is a specialist in cultural analysis and contemporary Latin American literature at the University of Leiden, where she received her PhD in 2004. She has published, in essay, the books Ciudad y escritura (LUP, 2013), Cuerpos ilegales (Almenara, 2018) and El presente incómodo: subjetividad en crisis y novelas cubanas después del muro (Corregidor, 2021); in short story, Dingetjes (Isidoro, 2001); and in poetry, Einsteinʼs three fingers (Doublepoint, 2011) and Logopedia (Bokeh, 2012), among others.

Martha Luisa Hernandez Cadenas: against the ferret power

La puta y el hurón (The whore and the ferret) by Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas (1991), aka...