Sensing Black Futures in Sara Gómez’s Archives

The following lecture was given as part of the colloquium “Addressing the Past: Memory and the Revolution Cuban in 21st Century Cuban Film and Media“, on April 9, 2022.

Susan Lord is Professor in the Department of Film and Media at Queen's University, jointly appointed to the Departments of Art and Gender Studies, and currently serving as the Director of the Graduate Program in Cultural Studies. Her research interests have landed in the areas of cinema and media arts, archives, gendered spaces and the city, and Cuban cinema and visual culture. With Maria Caridad Cumana, she is co-editor of The Cinema of Sara Gómez: Reframing Revolution (University of Indiana Press). She also published Fluid Screens: Expanded Cinema and Digital Cultures (with Janine Marchessault) Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007.


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