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Edgar Ariel (Holguín, Cuba, 1994). Journalist, researcher and art critic. Master in Theoretical Studies of Dance (2020) at the University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA) and Bachelor in Journalism (2018) at the University of Holguin. He is a graduate of the Centro de Formación Literaria Onelio Jorge Cardoso. He is currently researching on the configuration of post-critical aesthetics in Cuba. He is part of the Rialta staff.

Ricardo Miguel Hernández in the Realm of Otherness

Ricardo Miguel Hernández “examines” contemporary collage with a cross-border perspective. His palimpsests —let’s call them that— show...

The Parable of an Ideal. An Interview with Reynier Leyva Novo

For Reynier Leyva Novo (Havana, 1983), a hero is just that: the parable of an ideal, a...