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Pablo D. Herrera Veitia obtained his PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of St. Andrews. He is a scholar-practitioner working at the intersection of Orisa worship, hip hop studies and multimodal ethnography. His research explores what it means to be Afro-Cuban in post-socialist Havana and follows divinatory figures in the Odù Ifá literary corpus as primary conceptual sources. His writing has appeared in magazine Casa de las Americas, Metronome’s documenta 12 Magazines issue, and He has also collaborated on several major academic research projects on rap and reggaeton music in Havana, including Sujatha Fernandez’s Cuba Represent and Close to the Edge, Tanya Saunders’s Cuban Underground Hiphop; Marc Perry’s Negro Soy Yo; and Geoff Baker’s Buena Vista in the Club.

I Breathe Hip-Hop: It was Sacredly Granted to Cuba by Olofi

Yeah... It’s too real... How y’all feel out there? Let me know if it’s real out there. “Survival Test”, J-Dilla, 2003 Like...