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Rinaldo Acosta. He is the author of the book Temas de mitología comparada (1997, Pinos Nuevos Award and Critics Award) and of a compilation of essays devoted to science fiction published by Letras Cubanas: Crónicas de lo ajeno y lo lejano. Acerca de la ciencia ficción (2010, Critics Prize). He was in charge (together with Fabricio González Neira) of the selection of narrative and essays Otras tierras, otros soles: Una mirada a la ciencia ficción (Letras Cubanas, 2017).

The Forgotten Origins of Cuban Science Fiction

A Gap in Traditional Historiography Talking about José Hernández Artigas and his role as a precursor of Cuban...

The Beginnings of Socialist Realism in Cuban Science Fiction

One of the consequences of the abrupt break in the evolution of Cuban literature that took place...